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  1. An Update from Vanderloop Shoes

    Hello! We wanted to reach out to you and let you know what's going on with Vanderloop Shoes. While most of the country is staying at home - we are offering unique ways to shop including email and phone orders with free shipping. Whether you're looking to replace your favorite pair of walking shoes, want sandals in anticipation of warmer weather or are still working and need safety footwear to keep you safe & comfortable... we are here to help! Click here to view our women's casual spring/summer catalog!

    Also, for our safety customers in manufacturing, food service, healthcare, trades etc - our stores are servicing customers on a limited basis. We understand the need for comfortable, protective safety footwear continues and want to allow these people the opportunity to shop for those products. All safety footwear is also available online and we are offering a 15% off discount for online orders (scroll down for more info).

    We appreciate your continued business and support during this difficult time. We've been servicing the footwear needs of our communities for 75 years and look forward to working with you in the future. We know that by working together we will get through this and come out stronger in the end.
    Women's Casual Catalog Now Available!

    You can now shop from the comfort of your own home. Click Here for a link to our spring/summer women's casual catalog - filled with all new styles for this season! Orders can be taken via phone or email... and as always we offer FREE shipping!

    If your tried & true favorites aren't in this catalog please call or email - we're happy to help!


    Need Work Footwear? Vanderloop Shoes is open for essential workers! Or order online with free shipping!

    We are committed to keeping our local community safe and getting our customers the product that they need to continue working.

    We have made the decision to NOT close all operations in full so we can continue to get safety footwear into the hands of the hard working employees in manufacturing plants, food service, the trades, and health care. Some of our accounts depend on us to provide their employees with the necessary PPE/footwear so they can continue working safely. Other accounts are hiring new employees to help keep up unexpected demand. If we can provide a sense of normal & comfort for these fatigued workers we feel we are doing our part.

    We will continue to follow all steps put forward by the CDC and government officials.

    Temporary Store Hours: (call ahead appointments and curbside pick-up)

    Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

    Current Services

    Call or Shop Online

    All of our safety footwear is available online at If you would like something that you've purchased in the past - our sales associates can look up your purchase history and provide assistance (store information below). You can also reach out to us via Facebook Messenger. All product ordered will ship for free or if you chose - it can be picked up at one of our store locations with the curbside pickup.

    Get 15% off your online purchase by entering code VSI15% at checkout.

    Internet Coupon

    Store Information

    Corporate Office 920-687-8805 or 800-236-8403

    Little Chute (Main St.) 920-788-1061

    Little Chute (Moasis Dr.) 920-788-5425

    Appleton (Casaloma Dr.) 920-882-8585

    Green Bay (Western Ave.) 920-496-0505

    Green Bay (Oneida St.) 920-544-5331

    Milwaukee (Silver Spring Dr.) 414-393-1411

    (click here for our store locator)
    10% off Vanderloop Shoes Gift Certificates!
    10% Off GC

    Available in any denomination! Gift certificates never expire!

    How to purchase:

    • send us a Facebook message

  2. Insoles & Orthotics

    Most footwear on the market comes with a generic insole that is designed to offer some arch support and cushion. If you're interested in getting more you may want to consider replacing that generic insole with a product that is designed to meet your needs.

    Why Buy an Insole? Insoles and orthotics can provide custom fit, increased cushion, pressure relief and increased arch support. This can mean decreased back, leg and knee pain, less fatigue, eliminating foot pain and an increased comfort for long days on your feet.

    Insoles and orthotics are often thought of as products that assist when a problem already exists. But it's important to understand that insoles and orthotics can also be beneficial when there isn’t a full-blown problem evident. These products can be considered a wellness product – as they assist in providing relief for pains that sometimes are not initially thought to be related to the feet (hips, back, knee etc). They also assist in balance and posture.

    With a variety of products available ($10-$60) buying an insole or orthotic can be a low-cost way to increase the life of your footwear. You can choose to use the products in just one pair of shoes (example: your work shoes) or move them to whichever footwear you're using that day. 

    Shopping Tips and Things to Consider: When choosing an insole orthotic it's important to consider the type of footwear you will wear it in. It is important to consider any foot pain or discomfort. Some insole and orthotics are designed to relieve pressure in the ball of the foot while other products focus more on heel pain. Our fit specialists can help you find the product to best meet your needs.

    It's important to always remove the generic insole from your footwear before putting in a new one. Putting two insoles on top of each other will compromise the fit and support of your footwear. It can also raise the heel significantly, which will push the foot toward the front of the shoe and into the safety toe.

    Many of our stores also offer iStep technology from Aetrex. The iStep uses high quality digital scanner and pressure sensors to show the pressure distribution in your feet. It also measures the length of your foot and recommends an insole. This is a free service - there is no obligation to buy an insole or orthotic.

    Vanderloop Shoes offers insole programs for industrial accounts. For more information please contact our corporate office ([email protected] 1-800-236-8403).

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the difference in length between a men's size 10 and a men's size 10.5?
    A: The difference between a half size is about a sixth of an inch. It may not sound like a lot, but it could be the difference between toes rubbing against a safety toe or fitting comfortably.

    Q: It's okay to wear my safety shoes outside of work for everyday use... right?
    A: It is recommended that footwear "rest" between uses. This "rest" allows built-in cushion to get some of it's spring back... which means your footwear will feel better for longer. The "rest" also allows moisture to dry creating a healthier environment for your feet. Plus, the more hours you wear the shoe, the shorter the life of the product. To get the most out of your safety footwear we suggest wearing them at work only.

    Q: Can my shoe size really change? I've worn a men's size 12 my entire life!
    A: Yes. Shoe size can change over time because your feet can change (due to injury, weight gain/loss, pregnancy). It is also important to keep in mind that different brands or styles fit different. We recommend trying on footwear and walking around the store (or safety footwear truck) before you make a purchase. You can also wear the product at home on a clean surface to assure for proper fit before wearing the product to work or outdoors.

  4. Types of Safety Toes

    There are many different footwear options when it comes to protecting your feet on the job. Aside from deciding which style and features are important for you and best for your work environment - you may also want to consider what type of safety toe is best for you.

    When most people think about safety footwear - steel safety toes are top of mind. Steel is the most common material that safety toes are made of but new technology has lead to other options. Steel toes provide heavy duty protection. Aluminum safety toes are also available - which provide the same protection of steel but are lighter weight.

    Composite safety toes are made out of layers of fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber, or Kevlar, which eliminates the bulk and weight of steel and still provides protection. Composite toes are around 30% lighter than steel. They are also good for extreme high and low temperatures because they won't heat up or get cold like metal would.

    Alloy safety toes are made of an alloy which is a mixture of two or more metals. Alloy safety toes often include titanium or aluminum - which are both lightweight metals. Alloy toes are 30-50% lighter than steel but still just as strong. They are made a bit thinner than a traditional steel toe which allows for more room in the toe box.

    Please note that all safety footwear carried by Vanderloop Shoes meets the safety requirements as a protective footwear. When choosing safety footwear we strongly recommend that the customer considers fit first. Always compare the shape of your foot and the shape of the safety product you are considering. We also suggest having your feet measured when shopping for safety footwear.

  5. Remedies for Swollen Feet

    -Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Getting enough fluids helps decrease swelling.
    -Buy compression socks. There are different weights available, we recommend starting with a thinner weight and increase if necessary. If you need help finding the right compression sock visit one of our stores. Our fit specialists are happy to assist you.
    -Soak your feet in a cool Epsom salt bath for 15-20 minutes.This can help reduce muscle pain, inflammation and swelling.
    -Elevate your feet - preferably above your heart.
    -Get Moving! If you sit or stand for long periods of time - try to take a break each hour to walk around the room.


  6. All About Met Guard Footwear

    Metatarsal guard footwear (also know as met guards) are designed to provide even more protection than regular safety footwear. It is designed to protect the foot from falling objects and compression. This type of safety footwear is often seen at foundries, quarries and in industries that deal with heavy equipment and machinery.

    Footwear that includes a met guard is designed to go beyond just protecting the toes. In addition to a safety toe it also features a metal or fiberglass plate that protects the metatarsal bones in the upper foot. This plate can be internal (built into the footwear) or external (attached to the footwear near the toe and must be laced to provide protection). 

    There can be a difference in fit between an internal and external met guard. Internal met guards sometimes fit narrower and often don't allow for as much flexibility. Choosing between external and internal often comes down to personal preference, requirements of the work place and how a customer likes their footwear to fit and feel.

    Met guard footwear comes in several different styles including traditional work boot, athletic, dress/causal and pull on. Vanderloop Shoes is proud to carry a large selection of met guard footwear from trusted brands like Carolina, Georgia Boot, Iron Age, Keen, Reebok, Timberland and more. We also offer a met guard exclusive safety footwear truck stocked with more than 50 met guard styles for men and women.

  7. Summer Foot Health

    The following are easy-to-do tips to keep your feet healthy this summer:

    Avoid going barefoot.

    Properly fitting shoes will support and

    may help prevent foot injury and other conditions like warts and athlete's foot. Wearing shoes will also help protect

    your feet and provide stability.

    Switch your shoes.

    Allow shoes to dry out completely

    before wearing them again. If the insole

    is removable - you may want to take that out to dry as well. It is recommended to alternate between a few pairs of shoes during the week.

    Keep your feet active - walk!

    Walking is the best exercise for your feet and is a great cardio workout too!

    And walking improves circulation.

    Apply Sunscreen

    Always apply sunscreen to your feet and ankles when exposed to avoid sunburn.

  8. Safety Footwear Trucks

    Did you know that Vanderloop Shoes offers 8 safety footwear trucks?
    To schedule a visit or to find out more information about the services
    offered by the Vanderloop Shoes trucks please send us an email or
    call our corporate office 1-800-236-8403.

  9. Tips for Properly Fitting Safety Footwear

    Tips for Properly Fitting Safety Footwear

    If you're spending 8-12 hours a day wearing safety footwear - you want to be comfortable. But finding footwear with built-in cushion isn't the only way to assure your feet will feel great after a long shift. It is extremely important that your safety footwear fit properly.

    When purchasing safety footwear we recommend having your feet measured by a professional. It is important to have both feet measured regardless of whether or not you have worn that same style or products from the same manufacturer before. We recommend having your feet measured often because feet can change over time in length and width. Always stand during the measuring process.

    When trying on safety shoes it is important to make sure that you have enough room in the toe box. While leather will stretch and soften with wear - a safety toe will not. Make sure your toes aren't rubbing against the safety toe. If needed, our sales associates are able to recommend styles that have wider safety toe caps to allow for more room. You also want to make sure that the ball of your foot is in the widest part of the shoe.

    Walk around in the footwear or move in positions that you would be in during a normal work day. This will give you an idea of how the footwear will perform at work. When trying on any footwear - you want the footwear to feel great right out of the box. Don't buy a style that feels like you need to "break in" in order for it to feel good.

  10. Dressy Safety Shoes

    Are you looking for dressy safety shoes to be worn in an office setting? We have a great selection for men and women from brands like Ariat, Carolina, CAT, Keen and more!

    Stop by a Vanderloop Shoes store or our safety footwear truck and let our fit specialists help you find the ideal pair of dress safety shoes for your work environment and foot needs.

    Or visit our website and shop in the oxford or slip on categories.


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