Frequently Asked Questions (about safety footwear)

Q. What is the difference in length between a men's size 10 and a men's size 10.5?
A. The difference between a half size is about a sixth of an inch. It may not sound like a lot, but it could be the difference between toes rubbing against a safety toe or fitting comfortably.

Q. It's okay to wear my safety shoes outside of work for everyday use... right?
A. It is recommended that footwear "rest" between uses. This "rest" allows built-in cushion to get some of it's spring back... which means your footwear will feel better for longer. The "rest" also allows moisture to dry creating a healthier environment for your feet. Plus, the more hours you wear the shoe, the shorter the life of the product. To get the most out of your safety footwear we suggest wearing them at work only.

Q. Can my shoe size really change? I've worn a men's size 12 my entire life!
A. Yes. Shoe size can change over time because your feet can change (due to injury, weight gain/loss, pregnancy). It is also important to keep in mind that different brands or styles fit different. We recommend tryiing on footwear and walking around the store (or shoemobile) before you make a purchase. You can also wear the product at home on a clean surface to assure for proper fit before wearing the product to work or outdoors.

Q. Can I add an insole on top of what is already in my shoe? A. Adding an insole for cushion or support can lengthen the life of any footwear, but you should always remove the current insole before you add a new one. Putting two insoles on top of each other will compromise the fit and support of your footwear. It can also raise the heel significantly, which will push the foot toward the fornt of the shoe and into the safety toe.