Types of Safety Toes

There are many different footwear options when it comes to protecting your feet on the job. Aside from deciding which style and features are important for you and best for your work environment - you may also want to consider what type of safety toe is best for you.

When most people think about safety footwear - steel safety toes are top of mind. Steel is the most common material that safety toes are made of but new technology has lead to other options. Steel toes provide heavy duty protection. Aluminum safety toes are also available - which provide the same protection of steel but are lighter weight.

Composite safety toes are made out of layers of fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber, or Kevlar, which eliminates the bulk and weight of steel and still provides protection. Composite toes are around 30% lighter than steel. They are also good for extreme high and low temperatures because they won't heat up or get cold like metal would.

Alloy safety toes are made of an alloy which is a mixture of two or more metals. Alloy safety toes often include titanium or aluminum - which are both lightweight metals. Alloy toes are 30-50% lighter than steel but still just as strong. They are made a bit thinner than a traditional steel toe which allows for more room in the toe box.

Please note that all safety footwear carried by Vanderloop Shoes meets the safety requirements as a protective footwear. When choosing safety footwear we strongly recommend that the customer considers fit first. Always compare the shape of your foot and the shape of the safety product you are considering. We also suggest having your feet measured when shopping for safety footwear.