All About Met Guard Footwear

Metatarsal guard footwear (also know as met guards) are designed to provide even more protection than regular safety footwear. It is designed to protect the foot from falling objects and compression. This type of safety footwear is often seen at foundries, quarries and in industries that deal with heavy equipment and machinery.

Footwear that includes a met guard is designed to go beyond just protecting the toes. In addition to a safety toe it also features a metal or fiberglass plate that protects the metatarsal bones in the upper foot. This plate can be internal (built into the footwear) or external (attached to the footwear near the toe and must be laced to provide protection). 

There can be a difference in fit between an internal and external met guard. Internal met guards sometimes fit narrower and often don't allow for as much flexibility. Choosing between external and internal often comes down to personal preference, requirements of the work place and how a customer likes their footwear to fit and feel.

Met guard footwear comes in several different styles including traditional work boot, athletic, dress/causal and pull on. Vanderloop Shoes is proud to carry a large selection of met guard footwear from trusted brands like Carolina, Georgia Boot, Iron Age, Keen, Reebok, Timberland and more. We also offer a met guard exclusive safety footwear truck stocked with more than 50 met guard styles for men and women.