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  1. Safety Toe Showing? Kg's Boot Guard Can Fix That.

    If you've worn the toe of your safety shoes and aren't ready to buy a new pair - Kg's Boot Guard can be an easy solution to get more miles out of your shoes. It is designed to cover the exposed safety toe and create a strong and durable surface. The product can be also applied to new safety shoes as a precaution.

    Each box comes with a 4.5oz container of boot guard (brown or black) and a disposable applicator. We have found that each container lasts at least three applications.

    Kg's Boot Guard is a consistency similar to paint - so application is easy! The first step is to prep the area that you will be applying the product to. Prep involves cleaning and sanding the surface. Then you apply the first coat, and allow it to dry for 3-4 hours. A second coat is recommended - which we suggest you allow to set overnight. Applications can also be layered later for increased protection.


    If you are picky about the way your boots will look, we suggest using a piece of masking tape to create a straight line before applying the product.

    Work in a well ventilated area and wear rubber gloves when applying the product.

    Kg's Boot Guard is available online, in stores and on select industrial footwear trucks.


  2. Foot Fact of the Month - March

    According to, when it comes to foot health "neglect and a lack of awareness of proper care - including ill fitting shoes" are the leading reasons for foot problems. states that only a small percent of the population is actually born with foot problems.

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